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Archive Key

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Debian Backports

Please make sure to enable the Debian Backports repository. Some of the packages in this repository depend on packages which are only available as part of the Debian Backports repository.

Release Builds

icinga-jessie i386 amd64

deb icinga-jessie main
deb-src icinga-jessie main

icinga-wheezy i386 amd64

deb icinga-wheezy main
deb-src icinga-wheezy main

Snapshot Builds

These are snapshot builds which are not suitable for production use. If you're setting up a production system please use the release packages instead.

icinga-jessie-snapshots i386 amd64

deb icinga-jessie-snapshots main
deb-src icinga-jessie-snapshots main

icinga-wheezy-snapshots i386 amd64

deb icinga-wheezy-snapshots main
deb-src icinga-wheezy-snapshots main